ORSI Boom Mowers


A Compact reach Hedge Trimmer suitable for the maintaining of hedges. Equipped with a 63" pruning bar, the Hedge 155 is capable of cutting twigs up to 9/16" diameter.

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Cut 029

The Cut 029 is designed for compact tractors and can be mounted on the front or rear of the tractor. The hydraulically controled arm allows the user to reach difficult to access places such as ditch banks and hedges.

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The Performance Boom Mower, with it’s horizontal reach of 15 ft. and a vertical reach of 18 ft. makes it a versatile piece of equipment capable of mowing behind guard rails, over road signs, fences, down embankments and around ponds.

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River Compact

The River Compact Boom Mower is a compact, hydraulic reach mower suitable for the maintenance of grass, ditches, hedges and around ponds. Available in 4 models that range from a horizontal reach of 11-19 ft. and a vertical reach of 14-20 ft.

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