Bale Wrappers
KEMCO Bale Wrapper

Eliminate the rush of baling hay for threat of an oncoming storm. Reduce the amount of waste at feeding time, improve your hay harvest efficiency and reduce loss in harvest and storage.

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ECONO-WRAP Bale Wrapper - 3 Point

Too much rain? Try wrapping your hay with the Econo-Wrap Single Bale Wrapper. The Econo-Wrap Bale Wrapper was designed with the average farmer in mind and is ideal for small-scale hay producers.

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ECONO-WRAP Self Loading Bale Wrapper

ECONO-WRAP has improved their trailed model with the EW-1800T after some customer-requested upgrades. Perfect for a single operator, this machine is capable of wrapping bales up tp 4'x5'. This Bale Wrapper is almost fully automatic. The operator simply needs to drive up to the bale and line it up in the cradle arm and press a button. Once the button is pressed, the EW-1800T will automatically load the bale to the turntable, wrap it and then dump it when done.

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