TRA Root Grapples

TRA Root Grapples

Root Rakes/Grapples

Compact , Heavy Duty, and Serious Duty roots grapples for a full range of tractors and skid steer loaders.

Additional Information 

CRG Series
Specifically Designed for Compact Tractors (Under 40 HP)
Built Light Enough For Smaller Tractors but Strong Enough to Get the Job Done

HDRG Series
Heavy Duty construction
1/2" top and bottom tine A36 tines

XRG Series
Series Duty construction with 5/8" top tines and 1/2" bottom tines

CRG Made with 3/8” Steel and 3”x3” Tubing 9” Spacing on Bottom Tines 30.75” Deep & 13.5” High (closed) 34” Maximum Height Opening Double Tine Grapple with 2”x8” Cylinders (@ 3,000 PSI) Units Come Standard With Flat Faced Couplers & Hoses Standard Universal Skid Steer Mount Optional JD or Euro/Global Mounts Available Sizes: 60” & 72”
HDRG Made with 1/2" A36 steel and 3"x3" Tubing Available in both single and double upper grapples
XRG Serious Duty made with 5/8" upper tines and 1/2" lower tines 4"x4" heavy square tubing to give superior strength
CRG60Compact Root Grapple - 60"Universal Skid Steer438 lbs.
EGCRG60Compact Root Grapple - 60"Euro/Global438 lbs.
JDCRG60Compact Root Grapple - 60"John Deere438 lbs.
CRG72Compact Root Grapple - 72"Universal Skid Steer487 lbs.
EGCRG72Compact Root Grapple - 72"Euro/Global487 lbs.
JDCRG72Compact Root Grapple - 72"John Deere487 lbs.
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