TRA Bale Slicer

TRA Bale Slicer

Bale Slicers

Bale Slicers available with bolt on Universal Skid Steer or Global Mounts. Available in 2 sizes; 5 foot and 6 foot bale capacities

Available Options 
RBS-A01 Universal Skid Steer
RBS-A02 Euro/Global
Additional Information 

Best used with 2500 PSI

Designed to Significantly Reduce Mix and Feed Time By Slicing Bale in Half Before Dumping Into Feeder Mixer Retains the Net Wrap From Dry Bales or Net & Plastic Wrap From Wrapped Haylage Bales Without the Need to Leave the Tractor Seat Designed to Slice Wet or Dry Round Bales Up to 72” in Width and 62” in Diameter Available in Universal Skid Steer (code RBS-A01) or Euro/Global (code RBS-A02 Bolt-On Mounts) Units Come Standard With Hydraulic Hoses - Couplers Not Included
RBS-200Round Bale Slicer - Round Bales 5’5 x 5Bolt-on992
RBS-600Round Bale Slicer - Round Bales 6’6 x 6Bolt-on1719
RBS-A01Universal Skid Steer Bolt-on Bracket
RBS-A02Euro/Global Bolt-on Bracket