Enorossi Rotary Rake


Enorossi Rotary Rake

Rotary Rake

Enorossi’s Single & Double Rotary Rakes comes standard with pneumatic pivoting wheels and heavy tubular tine arms that are removable for transport.

Additional Information 

RR 320-350: Rotary rake with oil bath gearbox and cardan shaft with slip clutch. Pneumatic pivoting wheels on the RR 320 and tandem wheels on the RR 350 model. Increased arms thickness (5 mm.). Provided with articulated frame with shock absorber. Wheels 16.650-8.

RR 780: Our range of double rotory rakes consists of two models, mounted (610-660) and a semi-mounted model (780). The rotors are lifted hydraulically and they are locked during transport.

Lateral deflector for windrow formation
Tandem axles with pivoting tires on RR 350 TANDEM
The HIGHSPACE system allows the machine to be reaised up to 50cm. in order to drive over the widnrows.
The compact design of the pivoting headstock of the RR420 EVO 3P allows the farmers to work on hilly conditions without any problems.
Oil bath gearbox
Other Characteristics 

13'9" or 25'6'' Max. Working Width

Extra heavy duty frame and components

Hydraulic transport lift standard

Heavy-duty, sealed oil bath gearbox

Large, high floatation tire

Standard tandem axle

Removable tine arms

Great economic option for those smaller-range tractors and hilly conditions

20" Ground Clearance Hydraulic Lift for transport

Folding guards to reduce transport height

Hydraulic adjustable width and fold

ModelNo. of ArmsTinesWorking WidthTransport widthHPWeightLift
RR 35092711.6 ft.3.6 ft.30/40827 Lbs3 Pt
RR420 EVO PT114413.9 ft.6.5 ft.40-451370 LbsPull Type Hydraulic
ENODUO 780228823/25.6 ft.8.2 ft.70-803951 LbsSemi-Mount Hydraulic