ECONO-WRAP Bale Wrapper

ECONO-WRAP Bale Wrapper

Bale Wrappers

Too much rain? Try wrapping your hay with the Econo-Wrap Single Bale Wrapper. The Econo-Wrap Bale Wrapper was designed with the average farmer in mind and is ideal for small-scale hay producers.

Available Options 
EW-001 Vertical Bale Positioner EW-450S
EW-002 Vertical Bale Positioner EW-1100T
EW-003 Set of 400/60-15.5 Large Tires for EW-1100T
Additional Information 

These Single Bale Wrappers are built using high-quality components at a very affordable price. Available in two models, the 3 Pt. Hitch Stationary model EW-450S for bales up to 4'x5' and the Trail Type Self-Loading model EW-12005 which will do the 4'x4' bales and require only 1 tractor and operator.

EW450S (3 Pt. Hitch Stationary Wrapper): Wraps round bales up to 4’x5’ (weighing up to 2,100 lbs.), Hooks up to 3 pt. Hitch and runs off of the auxiliary hydraulics, When done wrapping, lift 3 pt. hitch to unload bale, Unit is equipped with bale counter, Approx. wrap time: 90 seconds
EW1100T & EW01500 (Trail-Type Self-Loading Wrapper): Wraps 4’x5’ or 5’x5’Round Bales Weighing Up To 2,100 lbs., Trail-Type Self-Loading Wrapper With Hydraulic Bale Lift, Rotary Wrapping Table With 4 Belts, Unit Is Equipped With Bale Counter, Only 1 Operator Required, Approx. Wrap Time: 60 Seconds, EW-1500T comes standard with Hyd. Vertical Bale Positioner and & 2 Film Roll Holders
Other Characteristics 

Bale Guides To Provide Even Placement of Film Wrap

Film Slicer At The End of Rotary Table Cuts Film After Bale Is Unloaded and New One Is Set Back On For Continuing Operation

Quality Components Such As The Hydraulic Motor & Bevel Gears Ensure A Long Machine Life

ModelTransportFilm SizeMax Bale SizeMax Bale WeightMin HPWeight of Wrapper
EW-450S3 Pt. Hitch 20" or 30"4' x 5'2100 lbs40 HP1091 lbs
EW-1100TTrail-Type20" or 30"4' x 5'2100 lbs50 HP2249 lbs
EW-1500TTrail-Type20" or 30"4' x 5'2100 lbs50 HP2500 lbs