Tar River Pull-Type Spreader

Built with steel gears, this ground drive unit will hold up to the rigors of your everyday needs.

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Tar River Sub-Compact Spreader

This spreader is built especially for Sub-Compact tractors that cannot attach to regular-sized spreaders.

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Tar River Steel 3-Point Spreaders

A high-quality spreader with special heat-treated paint that resists rust that will hold up to 677 lbs and spread up to 46’.

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Tar River Poly 3-Point Spreader

Bottom opening gates ensure constant and accurate flows that are not available on side outlet spin spreaders.

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Tar River Compact Side Shot Spreader

Designed for precise spreading of fertilizer and salt or sand.

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Tar River Pendular Spreader

Designed to provide excellent precision while at the same time being versatile enough to spread materials with .different weights, textures, and sizes.

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